Call for Proposals: Raising Public Awareness of Development Issues and Promoting Development Education in European Union (DEAR)


The Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) Action aims to anchor awareness and understanding of global sustainable development on a societal level, highlighting the responsibilities and roles of all individuals, civil society organisations, local authorities, governments and other development actors around the world, to contribute to development.


Actions selected from this Call for Proposals will aim to deliver more focussed and strategic pan-European campaigns on targeted priorities, bringing EU Development Policy and EU answers to globals challenges closer to citizens and promote fundamental values such as human rights, democracy, solidarity, peace and tolerance.

Actions will have to take place in a number of different European countries and will reflect two key themes, namely People and Planet. Within these themes the focus areas Migration and Climate change, including its environmental dimension, have been put forward.

Innovative outreach and communication to young people will be considered key in this call, which will focus on concrete actions to empower young people.


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