Faith Action for Children on the Move Forum

Rome, Italy

On October 16th-19th, 2018, the Faith Action for Children on the Move Global Partners Forum will be held in Rome, Italy. The Forum provides a platform to bring together a diverse group of faith-based organisations. 

The co-organizers ACT Alliance, Anglican Alliance, Arigatou International GNRC, Joint Learning Initiative on Faith & Local Communities, Mennonite World Conference, Micah Global, Salvation Army, Seventn Day Adventist Church, Talitha Kum Alzati, World Council of Churches, World Evangelical Alliance ans World Vision International believe that by working together they can end violence against migrant, refugee, and displaced children and their families. 

The Forum's goals are: 

  • Learn: Compile and analyze current responses of faith communities, the programme approaches they use, best practices, policy framework, advocacy efforts and gaps.
  • Exchange: Discern, share, and build consensus among faith groups, alongside decision makers, children and communities on issues related to violence, migration, displacement, and trafficking. 
  • Inform: Produce a publication capturing the essence of the process, key issues, and the plan of action to inform, inspire, and equip others into the future.
  • Plan: Plan action to increase awareness, strengthen partnerships, improve delivery, scale up interventions, and influence decision-making.

If you are interested in joining the Forum, please follow this link for more information. There is also the possibility to join the Forum virtually.