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Please find selected publications on Religion and development below:

Religion and Development: Dialogue on Gender Rights and Sensitive Issues
Norad (2016)
pdf - 652.59 KB
Religion and Gender Equality
UNWOMEN (2016)
pdf - 1.40 MB
Religion, Conflict & Peacebuilding - An Introductory Programming Guide
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) (2009)
pdf - 3.33 MB
Religion in Conflict and Peacebuilding - Analysis Guide
United States Institute of Peace (2018)
pdf - 1.84 MB
Religion, Women's Health and Rights: Points of Contention and Paths of Opportunities
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and NORAD (2016)
pdf - 1.42 MB
Religious communities as partners for development cooperation
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) (2016)
pdf - 5.83 MB
Religious Engagement in Humanitarian Crises - Good Practice Collection
International Partnership on Religion and Development (PaRD) (2016)
pdf - 1.48 MB
Report and Results PaRD 5+5+1 Task Group Meeting 2018
pdf - 460.14 KB
Side by Side Advocacy Briefing: The Role of Faith Leaders in Achieving Gender Justice
Side by Side (2018)
pdf - 1.14 MB
Synopsis Strategic Learning Exchange Amman
UNIATF (2018)
pdf - 1.50 MB
Summary of the Special Session ‘Religious Engagement’ at the WHS
World Humanitarian Summit (2016)
pdf - 339.61 KB
Summary Report PaRD Annual Meeting 2017
PaRD Secretariat (2017)
pdf - 571.58 KB