Participants of the PaRD GAM in South Africa © GIZ/PaRD by Maurice Weiss


More than 80% of the global population affiliates with a religion. Religious values and beliefs influence the thoughts and actions of billions of people. Religious actors contribute daily and significantly to sustainable development around the world. Their unique global and local networks reach into the most remote corners of the world.

PaRD brings together governmental and intergovernmental entities with diverse civil society organisations (CSOs) and faith-based organisations (FBOs), to engage the social capital and capacities vested in diverse faith communities for sustainable development and humanitarian assistance in the spirit of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

PaRD aims at greater and institutionalised communication and coordination between secular and non-secular actors, while fostering new synergies through cooperation and collaboration of its members. In addition, PaRD uses synergies with existing networks and initiatives to contribute towards a more coherent, inclusive and effective international agenda on religion and development.

PaRD focuses on joint activities in the following areas of engagement:

  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Capacity Building
  • Joint Advocacy