External Event

Religion and Technology in an era of Rapid Digital and Climate Change (RaTiRDaCC 2023)

21.11.2023 - 23.03.2023
The international conference organised by RWTH Aachen University and IIT Madras/Chennai presents research on the interplay of religious behaviour, SDGs and technological development in a South-North-persepective.

This conference aims to discuss the interplay and adaptation strategies in, and between, the realms of religion and technology in an age of tremendous transformations. Among the transformations, RWTH Aachen University and IIT Madras/Chennai particularly wish to emphasise the rapid developments with regard to the digital world and the climate, and the considerable global changes and challenges they have produced.

  • When: 21 to 23 November 2023
  • Where: IIT Madras, India
  • Mode of event: Hybrid
  • Event format: International conference
  • Organiser: RWTH Aachen University and IIT Madras/Chennai
  • Call for Papers: Click here!

Disclaimer: Please note, the information on this wegpage is for general informational purposes only. This event is not organised by PaRD or its members. To participate, please contact the organiser.