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The PaRD Knowledge Centre is a collection of relevant resources on religion and sustainable development. It includes reports, policy papers, booklets, journals, e-books and compendia.

PaRD invites everyone to submit resources by writing an email with the subject “Publication for PaRD Knowledge Centre” to Please include title, date of publication, teaser, author/editor, and attach the subsequent document.

UNEP & Faith for Earth: The Role of Faith, Values and Ethics in Strengthening Action for …

The report was shared during Skálholt III in October 2021 and covers developments in the faith-environment nexus to date and proposes a road map ahead to ensure that the value of engaging with faith actors is more broadly recognised.

Faith-Sensitive Mental Health And Psychosocial Support To Foster Resilience in Children On …

This booklet is both a compilation and an expansion of the contributions and recommendations made during a three part online series, Fostering Resilience in Children on the Move, held from September to November 2021.

Taking Steps Towards Disability Inclusive (Sexual and Reproductive) Health

In this report the See You Foundation shares key learnings from its multi-country initiative Every Life Matters (ELM). It promotes inclusion of people with disabilities in sexual and reproductive health and eye care in Ethiopia, Rwanda and Mozambique. © 2022 See You Foundation

A time like no other – COVID-19 in Women’s Voices

E-book by the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians – South Africa.

Religion and Development Journal

Journal published in collaboration with the International Network on Religious Communities and Sustainable Development.

Religious Communities as Actors for Ecological Sustainability in Southern Africa and …

Report from the joint online-seminar with of PaRD work-stream WECARE and the PaRD member Research Programme on Religious Communities and Sustainable Development, Humboldt University.

Evaluating Interreligious Peacebuilding and Dialogue. Methods and Frameworks

Edited by: Mohammed Abu-Nimer and Renáta Katalin Nelson Volume 3 in the series KAICIID – Beyond Dialogue Series

JLI MEAL Hub Compendium

Compendium of Good Practices on Conducting Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability & Learning (MEAL) in Partnerships with International Actors and Local Faith Actors

Faith for Earth: A call for action

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Freedom of Religion or Belief for Everyone: Women in Focus

This booklet discusses why women are targeted differently than men and how women’s rights and freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) go hand in hand. © 2021 Stefanus Alliance International

Bridge Builders report

Strengthening the role of local faith actors in humanitarian response in South Sudan. With Islamic Relief, Joint Learning Initiative on Faith and Local Communities, RedR UK, Tearfund, Tearfund Belgium, University of Leeds.

The role of Environmental and Spiritual Ethics in Galvanizing Nature Based Solutions


Faith Action on the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Progress and Outlook

UNEP Report on Symposium

Humboldt University Survey: Religious Leaders’ Perspectives on Corona

Policy Brief of the Research Programme on Religious Communities and Sustainable Development of the Humboldt University Berlin.

The impact of Ethnic and Religious Diversity on Nigeria’s Development Priorities

Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs

Inclusive Development: Beyond Need, Not Creed

CREID Working Paper

The Common Ground Approach to Religion Engagement

This overview provides a deeper understanding of why Search for Common Ground, a non-faith based international organisation, is working with religious actors and their communities in order to prevent and solve violent conflicts. © 2020Search for Common Ground

Promoting Freedom Of Religion Or Belief And Gender Equality In The Context Of The …

In 2019, the Foreign Ministries of Denmark and Norway launched the Expert Consultation Process on Freedom of Religion or Belief, Gender Equality and the Sustainable Development Goals. This report present results and key findings of the discussions. © 2020 The Danish Institute for Human Rights

Freedom of Religion or Belief for Everyone

A booklet introducing freedom of religion or belief as a human right. © 2020 Stefanus Alliance International

Towards Muslim-Christian Understanding and Cooperation

This training manual aims to prepare community leaders for successful interreligious collaboration on practical initiatives to promote peace and nurture positive relations, particularly in Muslim and Christian contexts. © 2020 Catholic Relief Services (CRS)