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The PaRD Knowledge Centre is a collection of relevant resources on religion and sustainable development. It includes reports, policy papers, booklets, journals, e-books and compendia.

PaRD invites everyone to submit resources by writing an email with the subject “Publication for PaRD Knowledge Centre” to Please include title, date of publication, teaser, author/editor, and attach the subsequent document.

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Faith and Development in Focus: Nigeria

This report provides an overview of Nigeria’s religious landscape in relation to major development issues. © 2018 WFDD & PaRD

Les Voix des Religions sur le Développement Durable

This book offers an insight into how religions and indigenous traditions from all over the world understand sustainable development and contribute to it. Its publication marks the launch of PaRD during the international Berlin conference Partners for Change – Religions and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in February 2016. © 2016 BMZ

Religion in Conflict and Peacebuilding – Analysis Guide

This paper examines a wide range of ways religion contributes to peacebuilding and conflict, whether practiced by religious or secular actors, even when the conflict has no religious dimensions. © 2018 United States Institute of Peace

Engaging Faith Actors on Gender-Based Violence (GBV) – Best Practices from the NCA Global …

This publication presents some of the best practices and lessons learned from the Norwegian Church Aid (NCA) Global GBV Programme 2016-2020 contributing to the right to a life free from violence by changing social norms and practices that upholds GBV. © 2018 NCA & Act Alliance

Human Rights & the Salvation Army

This paper summarises the Salvation Army’s reflection on its understanding of human rights in the context of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. © 2018 The General of The Salvation Army

Faith Action for Children on the Move Final Action Plan

This joint action plan published by the Global Partners Forum organizing partners aims to strengthen faith action for the care and protection of children on the move. © 2018 Global Partners Forum

Avoiding ‘White Elephants’ – Fruitful Development Cooperation from the Perspective of …

Discussion Paper Series of the Research Programme on Religious Communities and Sustainable Development of the Humboldt University Berlin on religion and sustainable development. © 2018 Humboldt University Berlin

Accommodating Religious Identity in Youth Peacebuilding Programms

This toolkit presents an overview of how Search for Common Ground programmes are designed to engage, respect, and accommodate young people’s religious identities around the world. © 2017 Search for Common Ground

Transforming Violent Extremism – A Peacebuilders Guide

This guide by Search for Common Ground offers insights and guiding principles for peacebuilders and on-the-ground practitioners who are seeking to prevent or address violent extremism. © 2017 Search for Common Ground

Interfaith Journeys: An exploration of history,ideas, and future directions

This paper explored the complex landscape of initiatives that involve interfaith, multifaith, intrafaith, and other purposeful efforts involving dialogue and action with a religious inspiration. © 2017 WFDD & GHR Foundation

Muslim Platform for Sustainable Development

This document provides an introduction to the Muslim Platform for Sustainable Development (MPSD). © 2017 Islamic Relief Worldwide

The International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development – The First Year: …

This publication provides an overview of the work and impact of the International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD) during its first year of operation. © 2017 PaRD

The Panama Declaration on Ending Violence Against Children

Global leaders, religious figures, government representatives, and organizations gathered in Panama City to sign the “Panama Declaration on Ending Violence against Children.” The commitments made in the declaration seek to eliminate all forms of violence against children. © 2017 GNRC & Arigatou International

The Fez Process and the Fez Plan of Action

This report provides an overview of the Fez Process and the Fez Plan of Action on the role of religious leaders in preventing incitement to violence that could lead to atrocity crime. © 2017 UNOGPRP

Plan of action for religious leaders and actors to prevent incitement to violence that …

This Plan for Action, known as the “Fez Process”, aims to better understand, articulate and encourage the potential of religious leaders to prevent incitement and the violence that it can lead to, and to integrate the work of religious leaders within broader efforts to prevent atrocity crimes. © 2017 UNOGPRP, WCC, The Network for Religious and Traditional Peacemakers, KAICIID

Ahimsa Forum 2017 Report

This final report of the 3rd Ahimsa Forum in 2017 summarizes a wide range of topics and ideas. Ethics were a strong theme throughout the forum, while innovation and leadership were discussed as well as different aspects of global health. © 2017 Ahimsa Fund