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The PaRD Knowledge Centre is a collection of relevant resources on religion and sustainable development. It includes reports, policy papers, booklets, journals, e-books and compendia.

PaRD invites everyone to submit resources by writing an email with the subject “Publication for PaRD Knowledge Centre” to Please include title, date of publication, teaser, author/editor, and attach the subsequent document.

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Politische Ökologie Spirituelle Weisheit und Umweltschutz

This paper published in the book ‘Religion & Spiritualität – Ressourcen für die Große Transformation?’ explores the theme ‘Spiritual wisdom as inspiration for behavioural change’. © 2016 Oekom Verlag

Religion, Women’s Health and Rights: Points of Contention and Paths of Opportunities

This report examines the religious arguments around some of the most sensitive and contentious SRH issues from the perspective of the world’s major faith traditions. © 2015 UNFPA & NORAD

Religious communities as partners for development cooperation

This publication presents the religion strategy of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. © 2016 BMZ

Religious Engagement in Humanitarian Crises – Good Practice Collection

This publication by the International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD) collects good practices of religious engagement in humanitarian crises. © 2016 PaRD

Realizing the Faith Dividend: Religion, Gender, Peace and Security in Agenda 2030

This report focuses on the role of religious actors, and religious considerations in the SDG agenda, particularly as they pertain to gender equality, peaceful coexistence and security considerations.  © 2015 UNFPA & Digni

Partners for Change – Religions and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

This report summarises the international conference ‘Partners for Change – Religions and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’ held in Berlin, Germany, in February 2016. © 2016 BMZ

Summary of the Special Session ‘Religious Engagement’ at the WHS

This summary contains the commitments from religious leaders and other humanitarian actors to increase the impact of faith-based actors in reducing humanitarian need and suffering, and their inclusion within policy- and decisionmaking at all levels of humanitarian response. © 2016 World Humanitarian Summit

The Devil is in the Details

The paper presents a global picture of rising religious fundamentalisms. It details the grave human rights violations, and violations of women’s rights in particular, caused by state-sponsored fundamentalism, as well as by fundamentalist non-state actors such as militias, religious community organizations, and individuals. © 2016 AWID

For Better for Worse – The Role of Religion in Development Cooperation

This book explores the question of whether development co-operation can be effective without a real understanding of religion and religious actors. © 2016 Swedish Mission Council

Voices of Faith – Statements from Religious Leaders and Actors

This publication collects the voices of religious leaders from different faiths and geographical regions who share their thoughts in support of the World Food Programme’s ongoing efforts to mobilise for Zero Hunger. © 2016 WFP

Inter-religious Engagement for Zero Hunger

This World Food Programme publication explores interfaith engagement for zero hunger. © 2016 WFP

Religion and Development: Dialogue on Gender Rights and Sensitive Issues

This report summarizes the main topics placed at the conference “Religion and Development: Dialogue on Gender, Rights and Sensitive Issues” in 2016, aimed to provide an arena to critically examine the role of religion and diverse religious/faith-based actors in promoting gender equality and the rights of girls and women. © 2016 Norad & UNFPA

Zero Hunger: Faith Partnerships for Action

This publication highlights the role of religious actors in all dimensions of the Zero Hunger challenge. © 2016 WFP

Faith in Finance

This paper aims to stimulate, encourage and support discussion and debate about faith consistent investing and its potential role as part of the investment quest to support sustainable development. © 2016 UNDP & ARC

Religion and Gender Equality

This document outlines the key issues and challenges discussed on religion and gender equality at the 60th session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Further it puts forward recommendations for UN Women’s engagement with faith-based actors as critical partners in the achievement of Agenda 2030. © 2016 UN Women

The International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development/PaRD A Global and …

This publication is an introduction to the International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD). © 2017 WCC