A Programme and Policy Discussion on Faith-sensitive Psychosocial Support for Children on the Move @ PeaceCon 2023

This in-person problem-solving workshop feeds into policy recommendations developed in part with support from PaRD that will...

...highlight the critical role faith-sensitive mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) approaches play in promoting the well-being of children on the move.

Participants are invited by Arigatou International, World Vision International, Queen Margaret University and USIP to “walk in the shoes” of a refugee child forced to flee in armed conflict and think creatively about strategies to address MHPSS needs within peacebuilding efforts.

The session's learning outcomes will include:

  • Increasing participants understanding of how to integrate faith-sensitive MHPSS to foster resilience in forcibly-displaced people affected by violent conflict as a component of peacebuilding and reconciliation efforts.  
  • Participants support an integrated approach to MHPSS by strengthening long-term multi-stakeholder partnerships between peacebuilders, UN agencies, faith, and MHPSS actors.
  • Participants can articulate a concrete set of policy recommendations based on learnings from Central America, Syria, Southeast Asia, and Ukraine to advance the systematic implementation of faith-sensitive MHPSS programming.    

Event Facts

  • When: 4 May 2023
  • Where: Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC (USA)
  • As part of: PeaceCon 2023
  • Mode of event: In-person
  • Event format: Workshop
  • Organiser: Arigatou International, World Vision International, Queen Margaret University and USIP
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