PaRD’s 2021 Annual Forum and General Assembly of Members provided first-hand accounts of issues affecting the Global South and explored how to “become more together” through dialogue, learning, and collaboration.
Continuing on its path towards more diversity and outreach to the Global South, PaRD elected new leadership at the annual meeting in South Africa.
Bringing more representation to the Global South, marginalised communities, and not yet represented religions; PaRD welcomes nine new members in 2021.
Khushwant Singh spoke on the inclusive process of the new PaRD strategy for 2022-2026, the importance of building partnerships in the Global South, and how South African leders have inspired him on the path of dialogue.
Vaccine Inequity, Food Security & Poverty Reduction, Climate Action, and Localising Aid are on PaRD’s agenda. Africa can benefit from PaRD, Dr Renier Koegelenberg talks about how PaRD can learn from South Africa.
New video on faith and natural resource management - presented at the Geneva Peace Week 2021 - by the PaRD Health and Water, Environment and Climate Action work-streams.
From 8 to 11 November, PaRD is hosting its Annual Forum and General Assembly of Members (GAM) in a hybrid format in Stellenbosch, South Africa.
During the PaRD Annual Forum and General Assembly (GAM) 2021, the PaRD Health work-stream is organising Regional Round Tables to highlight religion's COVID-19 response in Southern Africa and Asia.
The PaRD Annual Forum and General Assembly of Members (GAM) 2021 will be held near Cape Town, South Africa, at Stellenbosch from 8 to 11 November in a hybrid format. PaRD members can register online until 20 October.
Over 300 religious actors, politicians, scholars, and experts – including many PaRD members – gathered in Bologna to discuss their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and how to address global challenges.