The event brought together 40 youth from over 32 countries in Africa and Europe alongside experts and practitioners in the fields of interfaith dialogue, PVE, and de-radicalisation.
The event gathered a wide range of actors for a series of roundtable sessions and panels on faith-based approaches to forced migration.
This platform aims to bring together religious and traditional leaders, leaders of faith based and civil society organisations, as well as gender and development experts to unpack how achieving gender equality can be pursued from within a religious…
The platform will function as a tool designed to promote and enhance collaboration amongst different actors working on PVE in Africa and the Middle East.
Two articles providing insights on the nexus of religion and development were published in the December 2016 issue.
The UNSSC course taking place from 15-17 November 2016 aimed at enhancing religious literacy and engagement skills among participants, with a particular focus on human rights and gender dimensions.
The report highlights important achievements of the UN Task Force and its members working on the intersections of religion and sustainable development.
The new book illustrates that religion can be part of the solution to the global challenges we face today. It brings together more than 25 inspiring followers, theologians, practioners and academics from nine religions and one indigenous tradition on…
Funded under USAID’s Global Development Alliance, the Central African Republic Interfaith Peacebuilding Partnership (CIPP) supports a range of critical peacebuilding initiatives in the Central African Republic.
In the challenging global political landscape of today, closer collaboration between Faith and Development actors is of crucial importance.