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Please find selected publications on Religion and development below:

90-90-90 - An ambitious treatment target to help end the AIDS epidemic
UNAIDS (2016)
pdf - 959.67 KB
Engaging Religion and Faith-Based Actors in 2016
Annual Report of the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Engaging Faith-Based Actors for Sustainable Development (2016)
pdf - 703.33 KB
Faith in Finance
Alliance of Religions and Conservation and UNDP (2016)
pdf - 3.51 MB
Faith Partnerships Principles - Working effectively with faith groups to fight global poverty
Department for International Development (DFID/UKAID) (2012)
pdf - 885.07 KB
For Better for Worse - The Role of Religion in Development Cooperation
Swedish Mission Council (2016)
pdf - 5.10 MB
Interfaith Journeys: An exploration of history,ideas, and future directions
WFDD / GHR Foundation (2017)
pdf - 2.82 MB
Inter-religious Engagement for Zero Hunger
World Food Programme (WFP) (2016)
pdf - 552.66 KB
Inter-religious Engagement for Zero Hunger (Summary Report June 12-13 2016)
World Food Programme (WFP) (2016)
pdf - 555.94 KB
Muslim Platform for Sustainable Development
Islamic Relief Worldwide (2017)
pdf - 1.62 MB
PaRD Introductory Presentation
PaRD Secretariat (2017)
pdf - 2.32 MB
Partners for Change - Religions and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) (2016)
pdf - 11.68 MB
Plan of action for religious leaders and actors to prevent incitement to violence that could lead to atrocity crimes
UNOGPRP (2017)
pdf - 710.31 KB