What we do

Food Security

Advocacy and action on hunger and food security

The International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development’s (PaRD) Food Security Taskforce addresses the urgent hunger and food security crisis. Climate change, global health issues, conflict, including the war in Ukraine, among other factors, has exacerbated the threat of famine for food insecure communities especially for the most vulnerable in low and middle income countries. 

PaRD’s extensive network fosters joint advocacy and action for urgent humanitarian action as well as just and sustainable food systems. The initiative invites collaboration between PaRD members to promote an adequate humanitarian response to alleviate hunger and prevent starvation for the 45 million people already at risk. Members can also advocate for systematic changes to build a food system that supports healthy, sustainable nutrition for communities while protecting the environment.

Joint Advocacy for Just and Sustainable Food Systems

The initiative will:

  • Gather stories and testimonies from people and communities which highlight how religious actors address food insecurity on the ground
  • Present stories and testimonies in webinars, feature articles, and via social media
  • Publish materials to build awareness about the hunger crisis (factsheets, advocacy appeals, petitions etc.)
  • Support participation and representation of members of food insecure communities in key policy forums

The goals of our joint work include:

  • Improved humanitarian access to vulnerable communities
  • Commitments by relevant actors to refrain from using food as a weapon of war
  • Recommendations from policy forums that acknowledge and engage the role of religious leaders and communities in local, national, and global settings
  • Resources from local and national religious and faith communities for humanitarian purposes
  • Commitments by relevant actors to refrain from using food as a weapon of war

A Call to Action and Collaboration

Religious and faith-based actors are already addressing both immediate and long-term challenges related to famine, hunger, and food security on the ground.  Together with PaRD members, religious and faith-based actors must raise a strong voice in the call for sustainable and equitable food systems at national, regional, and international levels to address the global food crisis.

Food Security Taskforce Leads

Andrea Kaufmann

Senior Advisor, Faith and External Engagement;
World Vision International

Peter Prove

Director, Commission of the Churches on International Affairs; World Council of Churches (WCC)
& PaRD Co-Chair