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The PaRD Knowledge Centre is a collection of relevant resources on religion and sustainable development. It includes reports, policy papers, booklets, journals, e-books and compendia.

PaRD invites everyone to submit resources by writing an email with the subject “Publication for PaRD Knowledge Centre” to Please include title, date of publication, teaser, author/editor, and attach the subsequent document.

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Faith and Development in Focus: The Philippines

This report provides an overview of the Philippines’s religious landscape in relation to major development issues. © 2019 WFDD & PaRD 

Faith and Development in Focus: Tanzania

This report provides an overview of Tanzania’s religious landscape in relation to major development issues. © 2019 WFDD & PaRD 

Faith and Development in Focus: Myanmar

This reports sets out Myanmar’s development challenges and the strategic and operational approaches of the government and its partners (international and national, public and private). It provides in this way up-to-date information that might encourage interaction and collaboration among local faith-inspired organizations, international NGOs, and other development bodies. © 2019 WFDD & PaRD

Water and Faith

This policy brief summarizes the 2019 World Water Week, that was held by the Swedish Water House’s Cluster Group on Water and Faith in partnership with the Church of Sweden and the World Council of Churches. © 2019 Swedish Water House

Declaration of the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace

Declaration of the 10th World Assembly of Religions for Peace taking place in Lindau, Germany in August 2019. © 2019 Religions for Peace

2019 PaRD General Assembly of Members Summary Report

PaRD General Assembly of Members Summary Report taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark in May 2019. © 2019 PaRD 

To the G20 Leaders: A Moral Call to Action. Policy Recommendations for the G20 Osaka …

Faith actors, reflecting their deep moral convictions, vast global networks, daily lived experience with communities across the world, and their witness for the most vulnerable and those left behind, call the leaders of the G20 to urgent action. © 2019 G20 Interfaith Forum

Kairos for Creation – Confessing Hope for the Earth

The “Wuppertal Call” – Contributions and Recommendations from an International Conference on Eco-Theology and Ethics of Sustainability. © 2019 Department for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation of the United Evangelical Mission

Faith for Earth Dialogue Synthesis Report

This paper thematically synthetizes the presentations and dialogue, at the first Faith for Earth Dialogue during the UN Environment Assembly 2019, highlighting examples of best practices in terms of innovation from faith-based organizations for sustainable consumption and production, priorities and potential areas for collaboration and cooperation. © 2019 UN Environmental Assembly

Diesseits von Eden

Diese Publikation zeigt auf wie die Zusammenarbeit mit religiösen Akteuren erfolgreich gelingt. © 2019 GIZ

On this Side of Eden

This publication shows how cooperation with religious and traditional actors can work successfully. © 2019 GIZ

For Better for Worse

This book explores the question of whether development co-operation can be effective without a real understanding of religion and religious actors. © 2019 Swedish Mission Council

The Challenge of Environment and Climate Justice: Imperatives of an Eco-Theological …

Discussion Paper Series of the Research Programme on Religious Communities and Sustainable Development of the Humboldt University Berlin on the challenge of environment and climate justice. © 2019 Humboldt University Berlin

‘If You Need Us, Allow Us!’ The Role of Faith-Based Organisations in Enhancing Civic …

This report explores the role of faith-based organisations in improving civic space, with examples from Kenya, Ethiopia and Indonesia. © 2018 Civic Engagement Alliance

Enhanced Climate Action in Response to 1.5°C of Global Warming – Scaling Up Nationally …

This publication provides the necessary link between climate change action, sustainable development and disaster risk reduction and takes advantage of the momentum provided by the recent special scientific report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCCC) on the 1.5°C threshold. © 2018 ACT Alliance

Side by Side Advocacy Briefing: The Role of Faith Leaders in Achieving Gender Justice

This paper offers a contribution to the emerging conversation about the distinctive role of faith representatives in advocating for gender justice. It sets out the context and the challenges to be  addressed, and then shows with examples how faith leaders have been, and can be, part of the solution rather than part of the problem. © 2018 Side by Side