​Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

The Brahma Kumaris, with its spiritual headquarters in Mt. Abu, India, comprises a worldwide network of centers in 110 countries and is an international non-governmental organisation of the United Nations. According to the organisation, it is the largest spiritual organisation in the world led by women. It’s work in human and social values allows the Brahma Kumaris to contribute an ethical and spiritual approach to global concerns. At the core of Brahma Kumaris’ work is the understanding of the connection between our consciousness, thoughts and actions, and their impact on the world. The current environmental crisis is therefore seen as a clear call to transform our awareness and lifestyle according to five main principles: living with simplicity; buying compassionately; using economically; learning continuously; sharing generously. ​Since the mid 90’s, Brahma Kumaris has been one of the key developers and promoters of renewable energies in India; the organisation is very active at grass roots, working with farmers throughout India to combining natural farming with meditation, which is showing remarkable results. Various activities to create sustainable communtities, empower youth and women have been conducted by the Brahma Kumaris in India and internationally.​
Type: Faith-based organisation
Year of accession: 2024