Danish Network on Religion and Development

The Danish Network on Religion and Development is a network of Danish faith based organisations involved in international development cooperation, humanitarians assistance and peace work. The Network consist of Adra Denmark, Caritas Denmark, CKU (Center for Church Based Development), DanChurchAid, Danish Muslim Aid, and Danmission. The Network on Religion and Development is hosted by CKU Center for Church-Based Development. CKU is an umbrella organisation for Danish churches and church based organisations partnering with other churches, faith-based organisations and NGO’s in developing countries. CKU offers advisory, consultative, counselling and administrative services to their members and partners. CKU have 36 member organisations with 120 partners in about 40 countries, especially in Africa and Asia, as well as in Latin America and Central Asia. CKU’s overall objective is to improve the general living conditions of the least-favoured social groups in the developing countries in which CKU’s member organisations work.
Type: Faith-based organisation
Year of accession: 2019