Global Affairs Canada (GAC)

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) manages Canada’s diplomatic and consular relations, promotes the country’s international trade and leads Canada’s international development and humanitarian assistance. One of GAC’s priorities is to strengthen Canada’s contribution to reducing poverty and inequality, supporting fragile states, building resilience and responding to humanitarian needs. To achieve that, GAC is creating a new policy and funding framework to focus Canada’s international assistance on helping the poorest and most vulnerable, in a manner that empowers people and supports sustainable growth through implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The goal is to lead evidence-based global efforts to improve the health of women, adolescents and children, to secure a better future for children and youth, as well as to provide timely, effective and coordinated needs-based responses to humanitarian and other crises. Furthermore, GAC aims to foster development innovation and effectiveness by strengthening international assistance transparency, delivery mechanisms and partnerships.