• Vision
    The International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD) brings together governmental and intergovernmental entities with civil society organisations such as religious and value-driven organisations to harness the positive impact of religion and values in sustainable development and humanitarian assistance.
  • Members
    Members of PaRD are governmental and intergovernmental entities active in the field of religion and development as well as humanitarian assistance.
  • Partners
    Partners are civil society and non-governmental organisations such as religious and value-driven organisations, secular NGOs, community initiatives, foundations, academic institutions and other relevant development organisations.


The Strategic Learning Exchange aims to develop the capacities of United Nations and partner faith-based entities to appreciate and enhance their programming, as well as the impact of delivery, through a realistic appraisal of religious dynamics in...

More than a hundred experts and leaders on economy, law, politics, religion, development and humanitarian aid from 30 nations gathered for the fourth consecutive G20 Interfaith Summit to discuss how religion relates to sustainable development and the...

Ethics matter in higher education and are needed urgently. This was one of the conclusions made by members of the newly established Globethics Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education during its inaugural meeting in Geneva organised by Globethics.net...

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