Singh spoke on the inclusive process of the new PaRD strategy for 2022-2026, the importance of building partnerships in the Global South, and how South African leders have inspired him on the path of dialogue.

Vaccine Inequity, Food Security & Poverty Reduction, Climate Action, and Localising Aid are on PaRD’s agenda. Africa can benefit from PaRD, Dr Renier Koegelenberg talks about how PaRD can learn from South Africa.

New video on faith and natural resource management - presented at the Geneva Peace Week 2021 - by the PaRD Health and Water, Environment and Climate Action work-streams.

From 8 to 11 November, PaRD is hosting its Annual Forum and General Assembly of Members (GAM) in a hybrid format in Stellenbosch, South Africa.



Jetzt bewerben! Praktikum im Sektorprogramm Religion und Entwicklung. Einsatz: 31.01.-29.04.2022. ggf. verlängerbar um 3 Monate. Erforderlich: Abgeschlossener B.A./M.A. in Politik-, Sozialwissenschaften, Theologie, Philosophie oder Religionswissenschaften…

22. November

Priest Kagiso | #Spiritually & #Solidarity is more important than ever in the wake of #Covid19, #Soweto, #SouthAfrica home to over➕ 1️⃣million and many churches have supported the fight against Covid-19.

21. November

PaRD Dialogues | A volunteer from the NGO Food For Life in #SouthAfrica - overseeing the distribution of over 300 food packets in Soweto, spoke with #PaRD Secretariat Head, Khushwant Singh. Volunteers like this work towards #SDG1 No Poverty | #SDG2 Zero Hunger | #SDG3 Good Health

21. November

PaRD Dialogues | Gloria Mokwatles talks with #PaRD Secretariate Head, Khushwant Singh about the history of #Soweto at the Hector Pieterson Museum in South Africa. She is a priest and spiritual caregiver working towards #SDG3 Health #PaRDDialogues

20. November

PaRD Dialogues | Priest Kagiso spoke with #PaRD about his church community in #Soweto. He helps achieve #SDG3 Health and Well-Being #PaRDDialogues

18. November

PaRD Dialogues | Rakadi Khobo is a priest at a girls school in Johannesburg #SouthAfrica - she counsels pupils and offers her support. HoS PaRD [🔗] her in Soweto, where she is helping to achieve #SDG3 Health | #SDG4 Education | #SDG5 Gender #PaRDDialogues

17. November

PaRD Dialogues | Behind the scenes look at the power of each individual working towards #Agenda2030 | Starting with social activist 👇🏽 Shirley Moulder speaking with of Head of #PaRD Secretariate Khushwant Singh in #Johannesburg #SDG1 No Poverty | #SDG10 Reduced Inequalities

16. November

Make sure you register for the “Multi-Religious Council of Leaders: Bringing #Faiths Together to Ensure No One is Left Behind” webinar! We will explore examples of multi-religious efforts to promote protection of #refugees! 🗓 Nov 19 ⏰ 14:00-15:30 CET 🔗

15. November

Have you ever wondered how to start an interreligious #dialogue initiative❓ Our new #guide offers 6️⃣ steps to implement your idea and make a difference in your community. 🔗

15. November

Shirley Moulder has spent 5️⃣ decades working as a social activist - activism rooted deep in faith, inspiring her advocacy on #socialjustice issues. Team members of @PaRDSecretariat visited her on their last day in #SouthAfrica -

15. November


The International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD) convenes governments, multilateral entities, civil society, especially religious and faith-based actors, and academia in a safe space providing continuity for dialogue, learning, and collaboration to better inform policy and practices in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

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PaRD’s Current Priority Areas

The International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD) is a dynamic multi-stakeholder global partnership that actively includes religious and faith-based actors, organisations, initiatives, and communities working towards achieving the 2030 Agenda. PaRD fosters networking, policy informing, the exchange of knowledge, good practices and lessons learned, and strengthening capacity and evidence base on a long-term basis at equal levels. Through work-streams, PaRD currently focuses on Health (SDG 3), Gender Equality (SDG 5), Environment, Water and Climate Action (SDG 6, 13, 14, 15), and Sustaining Peace (SDG 16). In mitigating the adverse effects of newly arising global crisis, PaRD is receptive to new areas of engagement. It has initiated work groups on food security and vaccines.

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PaRD provides a unique opportunity for members of several governments to regularly discuss the importance of faith in development and find ways to take action for common cause when it comes to the challenges of our day. Due to its international nature, it is a topic that affects every country and its programming. I am grateful to PaRD for making these essential connections a consistent part of our work.

Adam Nicholas Phillips

Director of USAID Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships and the Local, Faith and Transformative Partnerships Hub.

Governments alone don’t have the capacity to cope with those pandemics. On behalf of the people of South Africa, I would like to thank the religious community for the overwhelming support at every level as we navigated our way through the devastating storm of COVID-19.

Dr Zwelini Mkhize

Former Health Minister South Africa
at PaRD Annual Forum and General Assembly 2020

The development that all SDGs are trying to attain will never happen until the religious language within Muslim societies changes when it comes to girls rights – the girl’s rights to go to school, to get an education, to decide if she wants to marry and when she wants to marry.

Ani Zonneveld

Muslims for Progressive Values
PaRD member with focus on Gender Equality and Empowerment

PaRD provides a unique space: It allows faith-based organisations, governments and intergovernmental organisations to directly connect with each other. PaRD enables to learn about the positive potential of religion, and explore creative ways to tackle our common global challenges.

Prof. Mohammed Abu Nimer

PaRD Steering Group Member

Compassion, healing and unity is at the heart of spirituality – and to transcend man-made boundaries. To strengthen this positive force on a global level through collaboration between state actors and civil society, helps to commonly contribute to sustainable solutions for our wellbeing – and that of the Earth.

Khushwant Singh

PaRD Head of Secretariat

What PaRD has that is its strength right now, is the ability to bring together donor governments from the North with Faith-Based organizations (FBOs). PaRD needs to enable something catalytic, multireligious and multinational that’s transformative for people and lives!

Azza Karam

Secretary General of Religions for Peace
PaRD member with focus on Interreligious Dialogue