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ACT Alliance General Assembly 2018: Hope in Action – Putting People First

The General Assembly is the highest governance body of the Alliance and brings together the 145+ ACT members every four years. The work of the General Assembly aims to enable members to strengthen their commitment to one another, celebrate their mutual achievements as an alliance and to endorse its future direction.

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The Global Assembly was hosted by the two Sweden-based ACT Alliance members Church of Sweden and Diakonia and was held in Uppsala, Sweden from October 28 – November 1, 2018.

One highlight from the second day of the Assembly was a session on the role of faith-based organisations (FBOs) in achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Keynote speakers for the event included Her Excellency, Ms Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary General of the UN; Her Excellency, Ms Isabella Lövin, Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden and Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate; and Ms Carin Jämtin, the Director-General of the Swedish Development Agency (SIDA).

The speakers emphasised the unique contribution of FBOs as structures rooted in the communities which they seek to serve. They also noted that FBOs and the 2030 Agenda share a similar goal: to ensure that no one is left behind. ACT intends to continue to develop partnerships with communities, civil society organisations, and UN agencies to continue its work to ensure that no one is left behind. 

Furthermore, ACT Alliance emphasised its commitment to gender justice throughout the work and life of the alliance. The opening session of the General Assembly highlighted the significance of gender justice, which remained an interconnected and important topic throughout the week. One example is this interview with Father Evangelos from Kenya on gender justice, which you may access by following this link.

Four main governance items for decision making took place at ACT’s third General Assembly, including elections (for members of the Governing Board, the Officers and the Membership and Nominations Committed); the approval of a revised global strategy (2019-2026); a new engagement model for ACT membership; and a revision of the ACT statutes.

At the Exhibition Hall, over 20 displays from ACT members, forums, advisory groups, communities of practice, and external partners were exhibited. Exhibits reflected the work of ACT Alliance from all over the world, showcasing the theme of the Assembly: Hope in Action and Putting People First.

Via this link you may find the full documentation of the many highlights of this successful General Assembly.