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Faith and Development in Focus: Tanzania

The World Faiths Development Dialogue has published a report on Faith and Development in Tanzania in September 2019, supported by the International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD).

Religious institutions and actors have long played central roles in people’s lives and in efforts to provide basic services in Tanzania. The new report “Faith and Development in Focus: Tanzania” by the World Faiths Development Dialogue in cooperation with PaRD aims to explore the significance of the intersections between religion and development as well as the importance of the widely diverse faith actors and their distinctive contributions to sustainable development.

This report presents a broad overview of the various ways in which faith and development intersect in Tanzania. It aims to provide insights and raise questions for both practitioners and scholars, religious and secular, about faith-inspired development work in the Tanzanian context. To enhance their understanding of development challenges and opportunities. The central goal is to support the design and implementation of Tanzania’s development initiatives.

The key findings of the report:

  • Religious, ecumenical, and interfaith actors occupy an increasingly public position in Tanzanian society.
  • Tanzania’s religious landscape is complex, and major religious traditions are internally diverse and include opposing factions.
  • The formal relationships between the government and religious institutions has fluctuated over the past century.
  • Religious, political, and development contexts vary significantly between mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar.