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Islamic Development Bank meets with PaRD, Launch of the digital version of Voices from Religions

PaRD Secretariat met with IsDB’s Dr. Hariri to discuss future cooperation and to present Voices from Religions on Sustainable Development.


At the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) ‘Empowering Youth and Entrepreneurship’, the International Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development (PaRD) met with the IsDB’s Director of Strategic Partnership Department, Dr. Ahmed Saleh Hariri. On the occasion, Dr. Hariri received a copy of the newly digitalised book Voices from Religions on Sustainable Development.

During the meeting with PaRD, Dr. Hariri expressed the interest of the IsDB to become closer involved in PaRD.

“This process will take time and should identify clear areas of cooperation, which benefit all distinguished partners and members of PaRD”, said Dr. Hariri.

Dr. Hariri received a copy of the PaRD publication Voices from Religions on Sustainable Development. Due to high demand, the Voices of Religion book is now available to read and download online for the first time on the PaRD homepage as part of PaRD’s efforts to digitalise print content and reach an increasingly global audience.

The book marked the launch of PaRD and was designed to give an insight into how religious and indigenous traditions from all over the world understand sustainable development and contribute to it. Religion influences the views, lifestyles and engagement of billions of people around the world, making it a powerful force for individual and collective change.

Voices from Religions on Sustainable Development is published by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development and Cooperation (BMZ).