PaRD Membership Criteria & Selection Process

A) Key criteria

Governments, multilateral entities, civil society organisations, especially faith organisations, as well as academic institutions seeking to become a PaRD member must meet the points (1 to 6) listed below in order to be eligible: 

  1. The organisation must support PaRD’s mission and vision,
  2. Commit to PaRD’s partnership principles,
  3. Provide prove that it has been in existence for at least 2 years (relevant mainly for non-governmental applicants),
  4. Provide documents on its legal registration (if this is not possible, a valid explanation shall be provided),
  5. Designate a focal point for PaRD,
  6. Commit to participate in PaRD’s Annual Forum on Religion and Sustainable Development and at least in one of PaRD’s Workstreams or Taskforces.

B) Additional criteria

Other attributes that improve the chances of becoming a member:

  1. The organisation has already cooperated with PaRD or one of its members,
  2. Is able to provide a written recommendation from a PaRD member,
  3. Provides examples of projects carried out that are related to the work of PaRD and its members.

C) Selection Process

Potential members can contact the PaRD Secretariat to obtain the current application form. By filling in the form they need to confirm the above criteria. The Secretariat will review the information submitted and obtain further data as required to enable the Steering Board to make a final decision on the application.