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USAID officially launched the New Partnerships Initiative (NPI) Incubator

The NPI Incubator will develop resources and training for local and underutilized groups, including faith-based, community, and civil-society organizations, so they can successfully compete for USAID funding.

The New Partnerships Initiative (NPI) will allow USAID to work with a more diverse range of partners, strengthen existing partner relationships, and provide more entry points for organizations to work with the Agency. Furthermore, it will enable partner countries to plan, resource, and manage their own development through strengthened capacity and commitment.

In order to fulfill this goal, NPI focuses on three key approaches:

  1. Direct awards to new and underutilized organizations that enable local engagement such as local entities, locally established partners, as well as new U.S. and locally-based small businesses.
  2. Sub-awards to new and underutilized local organizations designed to support more facilitative partnerships for effective local engagement.
  3. Direct awards to partners to leverage significant private/non-U.S. government funding to promote effective local engagement.

Current partnership opportunities include the Conflict Prevention and Recovery Program and the Global Health Program.

To find out more about the NPI, please follow this link.