All work-streams relate to SDG 17, which is the core of PaRD’s identity:
Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for
sustainable development.

The work-streams are spaces for exchange and cooperation between PaRD members. In them, PaRD members work together on prioritized SDGs to engage the social capital vested in faith communities for sustainable development and humanitarian assistance. At their core, work-streams serve PaRD members to identify gaps in their work, explore opportunities for cooperation, and cooperate in research and gathering evidence. Together, work-stream participants develop ideas for events and workshops as well as internal briefing documents and external learning materials.

Through a consultative process, each work-stream independently selects its focal SDG indicators. Each workstream is chaired by at least two members and develops individual annual work programmes based on the main strategic plan of PaRD. All work-streams relate to SDG 17, which is the core of PaRD’s work and identity.