Faith-based Approaches to Gender Equality and Empowerment

Religious actors around the world are committed to gender equality. They are leading initiatives that will be presented in a forthcoming PaRD booklet “Faith-based Approaches to Gender Equality and Empowerment”. These efforts emphasise the urgent need for different approaches to tackle the widespread inequalities affecting women and girls worldwide.

Global Trends on Religion and Development 

Food for thought: Insights on religion and sustainable development were provided by Dr Dietrich Werner, member of the PaRD Steering Board, at PaRD’s Leadership Meeting from 27 to 29 February 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal.

First Faith Pavilion at a COP: Harnessing Spirituality and Faith for Climate Action

At COP28, the Faith Pavilion emerged as a symbol and catalyst for transformational change, integrating spirituality and faith into the heart of climate action. Read about key takeaways, how PaRD members and other global faith representatives engaged at the Faith Pavilion, and how they are shaping a sustainable future with a responsibility for environmental stewardship.

Faith Pavilion & COP28: Faith for Climate – A Call to Action

Inspired by the Interfaith Statement signed by Pope Francis, Ahmed El-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, and around 30 religious leaders and representatives from a range of traditions, launched on December 3, the Faith Pavilion at COP28 puts forth this Call to Action.

COP28: Faith Pavilion Programme Available Now

Faith. Climate. Action.

COP28 marks the first time that there will be a dedicated Faith Pavilion at a United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP). PaRD members are delivering sessions at the Faith Pavilion in a full programme during COP 28. Learn more.